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Puppy Health Guarantee

All Business is conducted in the State of Indiana, County of Bartholomew.  Any and all legal action will take place in Bartholomew County, Indiana and is subject to Indiana Law.

Dog/bitch is to be examined by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of acceptance.  If there is a serious health issue present at this exam, it may be returned during this period for a refund.  If buyer chooses not to take the animal to a licensed vet within 7 days of acceptance, all guarantees are null and void.  After 7 days, the only warranty the puppy is covered under is the congenital defect warranty outlined below. 

Dog/bitch must visit a licensed vet for a rabies vaccination and fecal exams and be maintained on a flea preventative and have an exam annually.

All dogs will have a passing hip rating taken at 26 months and not before 24 months of age.  Films must be taken by a certified orthopedic veterinarian while the dog is under the OFA recommended sedation.  Dogs not receiving a passing rating of Fair or better will be replaced. 

Congenital defects are covered, however problems resulting for over exercise, improper nutrition, neglect, etc. are not covered. 

Breeder asks that if the puppy is to be re-homed for ANY reason, that it be returned to the breeder for assistance in placement in a suitable home.  Breeder will always accept the dog back but not refund will be issued.

Buyer understands the importance of keeping the puppy safe and not exposed to communicable disease and understands that until the puppy receives a full course of immunizations at 16 weeks of age, it can contract diseases and breeder is not responsible for any illness or death that results from puppy being exposed to any disease by the buyer (ie, taking it to a dog show or allowing it to play on the floor at the vets office).


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Primary Purpose:Family Pet or Show

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